Network Optimization

You can optimize your business with the help of Ceragon’s Network Optimization service. This service helps you to gather valuable
input and improve network performance. Learn of ways to prepare your network to meet future business requirements. This vendor
agnostic service is provided by our experts and our analytic tool.


• Identify bottleneck links and re-design them
• In-depth analyses geared towards facilitating future network planning
• Delivery of optimized network topology plans
• Delivery of a link budget for re-designed links
• Update of customer databases, if necessary


  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Better spectrum allocation
    Improves network performance and efficiency
  • Better spectrum allocation
    Better frequency usage and RF band allocation
  • Optimization of MW topology

Network Analysis using CeraMonitor analytic tool

Increase resource utilization and network performance using Ceragon’s Network Analysis service. This service provides enhanced awareness of your network’s status, link performance evaluation, and recommendations for improving network performance and preventing future outages.


The analysis includes a complete report of the network status and link performance trends, followed by recommendations for improving network performance and taking proactive measures to prevent link failures. Implementation of the recommendations enables you to increase operational efficiency and enhance the Quality of Experience for your subscribers.

 The results of the analysis can include recommendations such as the following:

  •  Changing equipment settings
  •  New features implementation
  •  Interference analysis
  •  QoS implementation
  •  Link capacity upgrade or downgrade
  •  New frequency configurations
  •  Optimization of the network topology


  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves network performance
  • Provides early identification of expansion or reconfiguration requirements
  • Reduces the need for on-site intervention
  • Improves frequency and RF band allocation
  • Optimizes network topology

Implementation of recommendations

Before implementation of the recommendations, Ceragon Professional Services performs a detailed design verification according to the relevant parameters. The Ceragon support center provides network configuration services.


  • Network Configuration based on the results of the Network Analysis service
  • Provision of a network configuration based on service requests received from Planning
  • Service reconfiguration or advanced configuration of parameters
  • Identification of patches missing in the field

     When applicable review of:

  • RF planning
  • Detailed DCN/IP plan
  • Detailed synchronization plan
  • QoS parameter changes/optimization
  • Cutover plan


  • Improve network performance
  • Early identification of network need for expansion or reconfiguration
  • Reduce on-site interventions
  • Optimize network topology