Network Optimization & Audit


Optimize your business and increase  your operational efficiency with remote Network Optimization services. These services ensure your peace of mind by preparing your network to meet future business  requirements. Ceragon’s Network optimization services include :

Traffic/ Capacity planning  – receive input related to the resources needed to meet your current future needs:

  • Traffic engineering/ modeling guidelines
  • Capacity and quality objectives
  • Bandwidth assessment and path studies
  • Network an service plan
  • Capacity plan
  • Database updates when needed

Interference analysis  – Increase network performance by eliminating interferences:

  • Intra network interference report
  • Inter network interference report (together with Field Service).

Remote equipment and network configuration – The Ceragon support center provides remote network configuration services:

  • Provide network configuration based on service requests received from planning
  • Service reconfiguration
  • Identification of patches missing on the field


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve network performance and efficiency
  • Better spectrum allocation