In order to simplify installation, reduce time-to-market and ensure first-time-right configuration, the CeraPlan service, delivers pre-defined configuration files, which installation personnel in the field can upload and apply to IP-20 units in one simple step. This makes the installation process significantly quicker and simpler, and reduces the chance of error.

Information validation and verification, including basic design verification:
• Link availability
• Frequencies
• Radio models
• Setup and services informat
• A pre-defined configuration file
• Technical support for the on-site installer (during rollout)

First-time-right configuration | reduce # of site visits and time to market
Eliminate the need for onsite engineer

Detailed Solution Design (DSD Pre-rollout)

Capacity Planning and Detailed Solution Design – (DSD): Our Capacity Planning service (Planning Optimization) is done for the entire network before or after a network change (e.g. new band introduction or a major traffic pattern change) and is vendor agnostic . Our experts and backhaul optimization tools enhance existing resource utilization as well as answer your future needs.

• BOM validation or BOM changes
• Detailed DCN/IP plan
• RF planning
• QoS parameters changes/optimization
• Cutover plan and guidance
• Loading predefined configuration files to network elements
• Guidance for: Resilience protocols, TDM/PWE and ring configuration
integration with other vendors and detailed synchronization plan

Improve network performance and efficiency | Reduce on-site interventions
Improve spectrum allocation | Optimize network topology