Electric Utilities

Join the the digital transformation era, with future-proof connectivity spanning from generation, to field assets, to distribution, and all the way to IoT devices. Improve your efficiency, reliability, security, and more.


Electric Coops

Get your grid connected, automated, and more secure. And help bridge the digital divide by leveraging your next-gernartion network to provide connectivity to your subscribers - even in the most rural environments.

Gas Utilities

Optimize your network to gain connectivity, control, visibility, and security of your grid, thereby improving your performance and efficiency.


Water & Sewage

Real-time data and video, predictive analysis, automation, and reliable connectivity are vital to your operations. Minimize disruptions and ensure optimized performance with a next-gereration, end-to-end, network.


Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore assets pose connectivity challenges. In a unpredictable and often volatile environement, stable communications is key. Get real-time and remote monitoring, reporting, control, and surveillance of your offshore assets.


Renewable Energy

As you set the path to the future with renewable energy sources, you need a smart network to keep pace. With a next-gernation end-to-end network, Ceragon provides real-time, low-latency, reliable connectivity to support the most complex applications.