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Wireless transport for ISPs – easier with Multicore technology

As a Wireless ISP, you need your wireless transport to be as agile as your business. High-capacity and fast time-to-market are the name of the game and are exactly what you can achieve with Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform.

Using Ceragon’s unique Multicore technology, you can extend your footprint, evolve your network and service capacity, and leverage competitive time-to-market while increasing your operational efficiency. This way, you can grow your business and keep your customers satisfied.


As an ISP, your network evolution strategy towards cloud and XaaS poses challenges to your wireless transport network including: capacity growth, and network densification. Capacity growth strains your wireless transport. Network densification will further challenge your transport resources.

Ceragon’s IP-20 multicore technology achieves tight integration between two carriers in a single radio unit, allowing you to successfully address these challenges while using less resources. The IP-20 Platform can be deployed across your entire wireless transport infrastructure – from small-cell transport to high-capacity aggregation nodes and long-haul backbones. It helps you stay on your strategic business path/

By expanding your available capacity, the IP-20 Platform helps you meet specific traffic needs in both the traditional microwave spectrum and new frequency bands. With its unique spectrum utilization techniques such as 4×4 LoS MIMO, the IP-20 Platform allows you achieve the required capacity with as little as ¼ of the spectrum.

The IP-20 Platform also addresses ISPs network densification challenges by using high-density aggregation nodes and unique Advanced Frequency Reuse capabilities that allow you to connect customers anywhere, without transport spectrum constraints.

It also relieves your real-estate and tower load challenges with ultra-high power radios (reaching 40dBm transmit power) and multicore high power radios (36dBm per carrier) that reduce your antenna size, extend your service reach and enhanceits availability. In addition, the IP-20 Platform’s ground-breaking Advanced Space Diversity capabilities allow you to use 25% less antennas in your network – saving on installation costs and duration, tower loads and CAPEX.

With its unique multicore technology available everywhere in your network, the IP-20 Platform makes ISPs wireless transport easier and enables you to effectively resolve your wireless transport challenges while using less resources!


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