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  • Spectrum flexibility

5G demands greater flexibility. New network scenarios driven by 5G’s open RAN architecture, alongside higher bandwidths required for end devices, demand more capacity and lower latency across your transport infrastructure. To maintain the flexibility required to densify your network without depending on ...Read more>fiber, you need a solution that can deliver 20 Gbps over a single wireless link today - and up to 100 Gbps in the near future.

This calls for the use of higher frequency bands (e.g. W-band and D-band) and wider spectrum channels across all frequencies. This is just what you get when you choose Ceragon’s flexible wireless transport solution incorporating our unique multicore technology.

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  • Disaggregated wireless transport

5G enables truly open network architectures. Standard interfaces, flexible hardware choices and best-in-class radios are the way to build your open 5G core, open 5G RAN, and open wireless transport.

The Ceragon IP-50 disaggregated wireless transport platform allows you to benefit from the flexibility and scalability of an open solution. Choose just the network ...Read more>elements you need and combine them over standard Ethernet interfaces without compromising performance or manageability. Ceragon's cutting-edge radio technology is now available in IP-50 universal radios, which can be used in all-outdoor configurations (e.g. in tail sites) or in split-mount configurations (e.g. in aggregation sites). Networking units are now available as white boxes, based on merchant silicon and Ceragon’s unique radio-aware open networking (RAON) software. Our RAON approach allows you to manage and optimize various architectures as if you were using a monolithic system.


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  • Network lifecycle optimization

With many levels of complexity, your 5G network might create a “scale and skill gap” in your operations organization. The need to provision, manage, troubleshoot and optimize multiple services across multiple network slices...Read more>, domains and network elements calls for expertise and automation. Ceragon’s professional services and automation tools, based on software-defined networking (SDN) architecture, allow you to optimize your 5G network lifecycle, increase productivity, and ensure the best quality of experience (QoE) for your customers.

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