Ceragon’s Network
Digital Twin Solution


Seamlessly model, and through APIs, integrate and consolidate every element – and their interdependencies - in your communications transport network onto one platform. Our network digital twin models your entire transport network, be it fiber or wireless, covering elements such as fiber and wireless links, as well as aggregation routers. Unlike other solutions, we also model the physical site components of your transport network, including the sites themselves – and their constituent energy elements, such as power plants, air conditioning systems, UPS devices and power plants. Remote monitoring and control of site energy consumption is no less critical than tracking transport link performance and can have a similarly huge impact on OPEX and CAPEX reduction.

digital twin collect data

With so much network data available, it is important to aggregate and consolidate it into one platform to get rid of data silos within your organization. Ceragon’s Network Digital Twin provides real-time collection and consolidation of multi-vendor, multi-technology data into one unified repository. To simplify data collection, the solution supports a wide range of standard interfaces, such as SNMP, TCP Modbus, Netconf, and other NMS Northbound interfaces. The solution also supports file integrations and REST APIs and can be modified to support proprietary interfaces.

digital twin infrastructure

Consolidation into one platform enables a “single-pane-of-glass" interface that puts the right tool in your teams’ hands to help them become proactive, instead of reactive, with enhanced visualizations that highlight potential problems – all in one tool. Multiple layers can be visualized, highlighting the interdependency between access network locations, transport and fiber topologies, service layers and site locations. Dashboards and a host of network diagrams make it easy to identify potential problems, such as developing capacity shortfalls, as well as risk zones due to poor planning and other vulnerabilities.

digital twin NOC

Provide your entire organization with ONE unified view of the entire transport network. In the same way that GPS-based web mapping services, such as Google and Apple Maps, provide drivers with a unified view of road condition so that they can optimize their driving, the Ceragon Network Digital Twin offers your organization a single source of transport network truth for all technology departments, simultaneously. This unified access to information will help all related departments, including network planning, engineering & design, operations, information technology and even your NOC (network operations center).

actionable bussines intelligence

Knowledge is power. And the possibilities are endless when you have one tool – the Ceragon Network Digital Twin – working for you to deliver actionable intelligence that improves your ability to both plan and manage your network. You will save money and time through more accurate capacity & optimization planning based on accurate utilization trend insights. Informed decision-making will enable properly prioritized network investments as you modernize and scale your network to meet growing demand. Network problems and inefficiencies will be avoided through preventive maintenance based on network survivability analyses that detect anomalies & hidden risks. You will meet sustainability goals more easily through remote monitoring and control of the energy consumption of your transport sites.


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