5G WOW - Enabling superior customer experiences [Video]

By Dr. Dahlit Brin 5 min read

These days you can’t watch television or walk down the street without seeing multiple ads about 5G and the “out-of-this-world” WOW experiences it’s set to deliver. In this video Dr. Dahlit Brin interviews Oz Zimerman, Ceragon’s EVP Marketing & Corporate Development, on what these 5G WOW experiences are and what they necessitate from operators on the back-end. Learn how Ceragon enables operators to deliver these 5G WOW experiences to consumers, with its own WOW offering - Wireless. Open. Wideband.


Full interview transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Backhaul Lounge. I'm Dahlit Brin, and today I'm joined by Oz Zimerman, who's our EVP marketing and corporate development. And today we're going to talk about 5G WOW.

Now Oz, first of all, thank you for making the time to be with us today. Very exciting times. The industry has been buzzing about 5G for so many years and now it's finally here. And you can't actually walk down the street without seeing many, many ads that talk about 5G offerings. And now I really want to know, what is this 5G WOW? What is this out-of-the-world experience that everybody talks about? And what do operators need from their backend in order to actually provide those amazing 5G WOW experiences to their subscribers?

So thank you for having me Dahlit, and the 5G WOW is something that the operators are planning for years. And the purpose is, of course, to uplift their network in order to provide a much higher bandwidth for their subscribers. And beyond that, it offers a huge suite of use cases to subscribers and to enterprises both in broadband as well as for IoTs.

Ok, wonderful. So 5G WOW, what does it stand for?

So for us, Ceragon, it stands for "Wireless Open Wideband”, which means that if people
thought that in order to provide the 5G, you need fiber, reality is different. GSMA, in their recent research this year, stated that until 2027, the majority of the transport will be by wireless transport, which means wireless backhaul. This, they said, without even knowing what Ceragon is bringing to the market, which is our system-on-a-chip in our new technology. And with our new technology, we'll be able to provide 100 gigabit per second, which is fiber-like technology.


So that's the "wireless".


The "O" is for "openness". As you probably heard, many service providers are already on the wave of OpenRAN and they see themselves as providing these services in open architecture. We already offer today the open, disaggregated wireless backhaul. This enables service providers to choose any white box as their hardware and utilizing our software, which we called RAON, which stands for "Radio aware open networks" software. By that, they'll be able to offer similar to the black box that they get today.

Ok and that will help them be more flexible and save costs and they won't be locked into any vendor, which is always something that...

The same as the OpenRAN.

Ok, so now we're left with the "wideband".

Right today Ceragon is the only vendor that can provide 8 gigabit per second at 224 megahertz for the microwave. And pretty soon with our new technology and new chipset, we'll be able to offer 100 gigabit per second at four gigahertz millimeter wave, both W-band and D-band.

So all of what you've just said will really enable operators to provide those amazing out-of-the-world 5G WOW experiences and we live in truly exciting times. Oz, thank you so much for your time today. And thank you for joining us in the backhaul lounge. I'm inviting you to join us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and to get in touch with our global experts who are happy to help you deliver your 5G WOW experience to your subscribers. See you soon.

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