Lights, Camera…Connectivity! Bringing Smart Streetlights to the Stage

By Lisa Sandoval 9 min read

In the grand script of city planning and urban development, you may not think of streetlights as playing a pivotal role. In fact, streetlights are so ubiquitous in our everyday environments that we rarely notice them at all. They blend into our surroundings, and that’s the point, right? 

Well, you may be surprised to learn that in the modern narrative of city connectivity, some streetlights are becoming the stars of the show. Not because they stand out visually, no, but for their integrated gigabit wireless networking functionality housed discreetly within the fixture itself. 

Please welcome to the stage, Siklu by Ceragon’s BrightSites Broadband Luminaires, a groundbreaking solution turning simple streetlights into beacons of connectivity. 

The Rising Star of Smart City Networks 

Cities are evolving, and at the core of this transformation is the integration of digital infrastructure. High-speed broadband connectivity is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but a requirement – some call it the fourth utility – and just as crucial to people’s well-being as water or electricity. Reliable broadband fosters improved community engagement, enhances public safety, and supports local economies. 

So how can cities expand their digital presence in a way that is inclusive, reliable, cost-effective, and even… “aesthetic?” 

The answer lies in a quick-to-deploy, integrated wireless solution, enabling the creation of expansive broadband networks without the constraints of laying or hanging fiber.  

Imagine if you will, a network of streetlights that doesn't just illuminate the night, but also forms an intricate, multi-gigabit wireless mesh network, connecting thousands of IoT devices and cameras and enabling a plethora of services for citizens and local authorities, with ease. 

More Than A Streetlight

There is a new star in town. With the Siklu by Ceragon Terragraph-certified MultiHaul™ TG node completely integrated and embedded within the luminaire, you can now provide your community with sleek, smart, sustainable lighting AND multi-gigabit wireless connectivity simultaneously.  

And this plug-and-play ecosystem invites a full cast of next-gen devices to perform in perfect harmony, from environmental sensors to IoT solutions for smart cities, and many more. 

The lights lining your streets cover the entirety of your city; now's the time to harness that broad reach, and turn simple streetlights into a connected lighting grid, providing: 

  • 5G virtual fiber backhaul 
  • Private LTE / private 5G networks - fast and cost-effective deployments giving you complete control over your network 
  • Private campus connectivity - to schools, universities, and business parks 
  • Fixed wireless access - enabling fiber-like broadband connectivity in a fraction of the time to homes, schools, businesses, communities, and hospitals 
  • Multi-gigabit mesh broadband infrastructure – hauling big [and valuable] data back to the command center from thousands of cameras, IoT sensors, meters, and connected devices in the field  
  • Terragraph-certified distribution nodes & terminal units with self-organizing/optimizing capabilities 


A Stronger Community

Connecting communities means more than providing internet access—it means boosting citizen engagement, municipal services, and social equity. Our smart lighting solutions go beyond basic connectivity. They include the ability to offer free public Wi-Fi to citizens, private networks for business and enterprise, and fixed wireless access, ensuring that everyone – from the casual tiktoker at home to the hard-at-work first responders in the hospital – will stay not just connected, but connected well. 

Also enabling: 

  • Digital signage for public announcements 
  • Real-time fault detection & outage notifications for streetlight maintenance 
  • On-the-go mobile services 
  • Digital equity initiatives by bridging the access gap in underserved areas 


The Smart Environment, Illuminated With Precision 

Smart lighting does not merely brighten or dim – it refines the cityscape, saves energy, and aligns with environmental stewardship. Our smart lighting solution provides remote dimmability and dynamic lighting controls that help it adapt elegantly to the surrounding environment and can offer energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional street lighting systems, a standout feature for cities committed to sustainability. 

But the environmental benefits don't end there. Integrated weather and air quality monitoring sensors keep track of the city's vitals, contributing to a smarter, cleaner, and more resilient urban ecosystem. Additional benefits include: 

  • Optimized energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Reduced light pollution, supporting Dark Sky initiatives  
  • Flexible & programmable lighting controls 
  • Auto-dimming & motion sensor-triggered lighting 
  • Connectivity for neighborhood smart metering 


Maintaining Security In The Limelight 

Every great city operates under the watchful eye of a security detail. Our broadband luminaires provide high capacity, low latency connectivity supporting multifaceted public safety and smart city surveillance applications to ensure citizen safety remains top priority.  

  • Multi-megapixel connected cameras 
  • Motion sensor technology 
  • Access control 
  • Gunshot detection 
  • Automatic emergency response systems 

It's multi-gigabit connectivity standing guard, providing a secure platform for citizens to live, work, and play. 

Ushering Traffic Seamlessly With Intelligent Lighting

The broadband luminaire isn't just making the streets safer; it's making them smarter. By wirelessly integrating with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart mobility IoT devices, you can:  

  • Streamline traffic flows 
  • Enhance road monitoring & safety 
  • Improve your smart city accessibility 
  • Implement smart parking management systems  

A Set Design With Aesthetics In Mind 

An often overlooked but crucial feature of smart infrastructure is its visual impact on urban design. By embedding the wireless node within the street luminaire, cities can avoid the unsightly clutter that often plagues modern streets, offering an unbroken vista that speaks to the aesthetics of urban architecture and retains natural beauty. 

The Final Bow 

As more and more cities turn to smart solutions, the broadband luminaire is sure to become a star in many cityscapes, illuminating possibilities and creating connections that span beyond mere physical boundaries. Let's shine a light on the future together - with broadband luminaires taking the lead role.   

And that's a wrap! 


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