Case Study: Faster, More Affordable Network Rollouts

By Jeremy Ladner 4 min read

A major European telecom operator needed to increase its deployment efficiency. Rollouts, commissioning, and approval of new network links continuously ran into costly backlogs and bottlenecks. Disorganized data dissemination, outdated documentation, and incompatible software systems limited deployment speed and slowed business growth. The overall deployment process needed to be updated to ensure that all stakeholders, regardless of location, could work in tandem with the same accurate, up-to-date data for seamless, friction-free rollouts.

The challenges

Reduce Rollout Margins| Speed up Time to Revenue | Streamline Installation, Activation, and Approval Process

Rolling out equipment and infrastructure, configuring links, and finalizing installation is a massive undertaking with countless opportunities to introduce errors, delays, and cost overruns. That’s not surprising when you consider that most organizations deal with a mess of multiple tracking tools, software systems, file formats, and disconnected processes that add complexity to deployment instead of eliminating it.

Until now, the operator would dispatch teams of trained technicians to various link sites for installation. Once completed, they would document and photograph all the elements and then return to headquarters to fill out all the necessary forms. Completed documents, images, and supporting material would still need to be attached, all in the correct size and format, and then submitted to various stakeholders for final approval. Navigating the entire process was taking far too long and placed an enormous strain on limited resources, drove up costs, and slowed down Time to Revenue.

The solution

End-to-End Project Management | Single Centralized Data Repository | Intuitive At-A-Glance Interface for Expedited Approval Process

Ceragon’s professional Network Services and end-to-end project management software streamline installation, activation, commissioning, and approval processes, taking what used to require days and reducing it to minutes. Multiple legacy software systems and a maze of disconnected data directories can be replaced with Ceragon’s unified, easy-to-navigate management tool, CeraDeploy.

The operator’s onsite deployment personnel can use the CeraDeploy mobile app to access up-to-date data, fill out forms, photograph and format images, attach support material, and submit completed documents to managers, all in real-time, for near-instantaneous feedback and approvals. If adjustments need to be made, technicians can do so while still onsite, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth travel and delays, saving time, and reducing costs.

The new optimized approval process vastly increases the percentage of first-time-right deployments. That translates into greater accuracy and agility, significantly speeding up site activation and Time to Revenue (TtR) as well as freeing up in-demand resources to further accelerate network-wide deployment projects.

CeraDeploy can be accessed over a standard web browser from its secure Azure environment. The software’s intuitive interface is comprised of modules allowing managers to easily organize multiple tasks and nested subtasks from a single at-a-glance dashboard. Ceragon’s comprehensive Network Services paired with the CeraDeploy project management software allow the operator to leverage Ceragon’s best-of-breed expertise and 25+ years of dedicated experience in wireless transport.

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