Ceragon & Alora Selected To Help Bridge The Digital Divide In Spain

By Tanya Solomon 3 min read

Two local wireless internet service providers (WISPs) in Spain – Ibérica de Redes and Fibra Medios Telecom – wanted to expand the reach of their networks to outlying regions within their respective territories. The WISPs selected Ceragon and its IP-50C and IP-20C microwave (MW) solutions, as well as its IP-50E and IP-20E E-band millimeter wave (mmW) solutions.


Bridge the digital divide in rural areas | Achieve rapid rollout and time to market | Deliver reliable broadband connectivity with 99.999% availability


Although Spain is a country with one of the best fiber infrastructures in the world, many isolated rural areas suffer from low-quality connections or no connections at all. To provide broadband coverage in these areas, the Spanish government developed and funded a program by the name of PEBA (Plan de Extension de Banda Ancha) between the years 2013 and 2020. PEBA focused on reducing the inequality between urban and rural areas, thereby bridging the digital divide preventing equitable economic development of all populations across Spain.

The two WISPs decided to supplement their fiber backbones with a mix of flexible Ceragon solutions. Ceragon’s IP-20C and IP-50C MW radios are being used to expand their networks over long distances with 1 and 2 Gbps symmetrical capacity. The WISPs are using the IP-20E and IP-50E mmW radios to reach towns from central towers that are used as interconnection nodes.


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