Ceragon’s DIY Smart Activation Key

By Jeremy Ladner 5 min read

Ceragon’s Big Bytes is back with another info-packed episode covering the launch of our all-new Smart Activation Key that can instantly discover AND automatically activate all your network's wireless transport elements at once.

Full Transcript Below:

Legacy Licensing Leaves A Lot to Be Desired

Activating new network elements is often a complex and time-consuming challenge that usually happens in one of two ways. First, you've got a vendor who's going to preload your activation keys before delivery, likely sticking you with some additional costs and maybe some delivery delays. Or two, your team handles the process for activation in-house for a dozen, or a hundred, or even a thousand new network elements requiring you to do a few things.

First, you’re going to have to identify each individual device by serial number. Second, you're going to find the right activation key that matches that specific hardware serial number. Third, you're going to want to confirm the correct features are enabled and forth. And finally, you're going to have to test each device. The whole process is a massive drain on your already strained resources, not to mention an unnecessary delay in your time to revenue.

The Seamless Simplicity of a Smart Activation Key

Ceragon has found a way to eliminate all of that wasted time and complexity and replace it with the seamless simplicity of a single centralized, Smart Activation Key. Beyond the obvious upfront cost savings gained from not needing to pay for pre-loaded activation and the time savings, that comes with faster delivery and deployment, there are massive operational benefits from the flexibility a single Smart Activation Key can deliver.

Chances are you're all too familiar with the following scenario. A new feature has become available for some or all your transport network elements. The benefits of the new feature are significant, but the time and resources required to regenerate and reinstall hundreds or thousands of new activation keys is a nightmare that frankly, you'd rather avoid. Now, unlocking new features has become effortless and instant. Just go to your Ceragon Smart Activation Application that lives on your server in your network operations center and activate what you need when you need it.

Freedom & Flexibility

But Ceragon’s new Smart Activation Key goes way beyond simplifying access to new features. Its flexibility really begins at the beginning. Right from the pre purchase planning stage. Traditionally every networked element you purchase is locked to its own unique activation key, requiring you to decide in advance what features will be activated for each device. If you purchased multi-core devices, you're usually forced to decide upfront the numbers of radios you want to activate. Think you might need

adaptive coding and modulation activated? You'd have to decide before you buy. The same goes for multi-carrier adaptive bandwidth control and cross polarization interference cancellation. Ceragon Smart Activation Key changes all of that. No more need to commit in advance. The smart key gives you total freedom and flexibility. Now you can grow as you go with a network that can quickly and easily adapt to new challenges.

Intelligent Metering & Monitoring

Ceragon Smart Activation Key also comes with intelligent metering and monitoring, equipping you with accurate usage reports and the actionable intelligence you need to decide if you want to activate additional radios, or increase capacity, or enable new features to increase network performance and efficiency. Intelligent metering and monitoring also has the benefit of flexible payment options giving you the ability to move from an upfront flat rate CAPEX model to a pay per use OPEX model. You choose based on whatever works best for your network.

Once again, Ceragon innovation leads the way with a first of its kind Smart Activation Key, guaranteed to save you time and money.

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