[Video] Disaggregated and open wireless hauling – double benefits for 5G deployments

By Dudy Cohen 3 min read

Disaggregated wireless hauling is a must for 5G. This is since it bring double the benefits of flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency. On set of benefits come from it being a wireless solution, another – from it being and open, disaggregated solution. Watch the video to learn more.


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Hi and welcome back to the Backhaul Lounge.
Here's my coffee! Thank you.
I am a greedy guy, and this is why when I see something good, I take two.
And this is what I think you should do as well when you build your network.
Because I say flexible and open or disaggregated wireless hauling bring you a double benefit.
And why is that?
Because when you build a network, you need flexibility,
you need scalability, you need cost efficiency.
And this is why when you deploy a site and fiber is not available in it, you have the option to go and deploy fiber, which takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.
And you have the flexible and cost-efficient way of deploying wireless hauling, of connecting it wirelessly,
very fast, very high capacity, and very cost-efficient.
Another benefit is if you use disaggregated wireless hauling because disaggregation, the open network concept, the fact that you have independent elements like radio, like networking hardware, networking software, and you can pick and choose only the parts you need for your network, this is something that brings you another level of flexibility, of scalability, and of cost-efficiency.
And those are ramping up upon each other.
So if you choose a solution which is both wireless hauling and disaggregated wireless hauling, you get double the benefit.
This is why when you go to 5G, disaggregated wireless hauling is a must because you need this second level or second power of flexibility, of scalability, and of cost-efficiency.
So thank you for watching and stay tuned for our next episode of the Backhaul Lounge.
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