Everything You Need To Know About The IP-50FX

By Erez Aviv 4 min read

Ceragon recently launched its groundbreaking IP-50FX, radio-aware Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG). This 2-in-1 solution not only increases operators’ flexibility and scalability, but also reduces capital and operating costs. In this blog, Erez Aviv discusses the many capabilities and advantages the IP-50FX offers.

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Hi. I’m Erez Aviv, and I’m excited to tell you about the IP-50FX – Ceragon’s groundbreaking new solution. The IP-50FX is the industry’s first radio-aware disaggregated cell site gateway. A unique “2-in-1” DCSG that combines a cell site router with a virtual indoor unit, the IP-50FX empowers mobile operators to drive down costs, and ramp up flexibility and scalability.

The IP-50FX comprises three main components:

  • Open DCSG hardware;
  • Best-in-class network operating system software;
  • and Ceragon’s Radio-Aware Open Networking software.


When it comes to open hardware, the IP-50FX can be implemented on multiple TIP-compliant DCSG hardware boxes, including one internally developed by Ceragon, and others by leading vendors of common off-the-shelf hardware.

This gives operators the flexibility to choose the hardware that meets their port-density and cost requirements.

Ceragon’s cost-effective hardware box introduces a large number of ports in one product, a single license for all ports and features, and type C synchronization required by 5G.

The IP-50FX comes equipped with best-in-class network operating system software from IP Infusion, a leading provider of network disaggregation solutions.

Our layer-3 NOS supports segment routing today, which enables efficient network slicing required by 5G networks.

Ceragon’s Radio-Aware Open Networking software transforms the IP-50FX into a “2-in-1” DCSG.

In essence, RAON enables operators to automatically discover and centrally manage all radios connected to the DCSG, through a single IP address.

The software informs the cell site router of any changes in connected radios, allowing smart decisions such as traffic rerouting for optimal use of valuable radio resources.

An additional important capability is layer-1 link bonding, which enables combining multiple interfaces into a single group link in a very efficient manner.

The IP-50FX is optimized for both tail sites with a small number of radios, and multi-directional aggregation points with a large number of high-capacity radios.

In conclusion, thanks to its groundbreaking disaggregated and radio-aware architecture, the “2-in-1” IP-50FX increases operators’ flexibility and scalability, while reducing their capital and operational costs.

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