Go Wireless. Go Ceragon!

By Tanya Solomon 3 min read

As you evolve your network to 5G you’ll encounter new challenges associated with the introduction of new services, open network architectures and the need for much higher cellular spectrum. 

These challenges range from the need to provide up to 100 times more capacity in every network domain, through achieving ultra-low latency, to using mid-bands and mmW to manage network densification in 5G.  You must address these challenges, whilst being conscious of TIME, BUDGET & COMPLEXITY constraints. What you need is a flexible, cost-efficient solution that enables quick deployment of more sites with higher capacity and reduced latency. A solution that eliminates dependency on fiber availability and feasibility when planning, locating and acquiring new cell sites.

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When it comes to mobile transport, there’s no argument that fiber is the ultimate choice…. 


Fiber is great, as it has no capacity limits. But honestly, how much capacity do you really NEED?

How much capacity do you really USE? And how much does this unused capacity really COST?

What if you could get up to 20 gigabits-per-second capacity at a fraction of the cost?

And what if I told you deployment is basically instantaneous? With no zoning or digging hassles or delays?

With 5G, network densification is a real challenge. So as you plan, build and optimize your 5G network, consider GOING WIRELESS.

Whether for your backhaul, mid-haul or fronthaul – yes even fronthaul – consider wireless.

Let’s face it, fiber is not always possible. It’s definitely not always cost-effective. And honestly, it’s not always necessary.

Did you know going wireless is up to 80% cheaper? And reliably offers FIBER-LIKE CAPACITY in a matter of days?

Ceragon Networks has been in the wireless transport business for over 25 years.

That’s ALL we do. We deliver innovative ways to enable you to provide WOW experiences to your end customers.

In fact, we actually develop, design and manufacture our own chipsets to bring you proven ‘fiber-like’ results.

We support just about any use case across different network architectures, capacities and spectrum bands.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to instantly densify your network.

So if you’re thinking fiber… think again. Go Wireless. Go Ceragon!

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