Ceragon Managed Services: Your Network Playbook

By Dori Erann 7 min read

Do you have the right strategy, resources, and innovation to elevate your network operations?  

Network operators have their hands full. Not only do you need your network to perform impeccably and without downtime, but you also need to have a strategic playbook in place for how you will handle the inevitable day-to-day hiccups, as well as future-looking tactics for how you will take your network to the goal – a high-performing, agile system that ultimately delivers a win to both your customers AND to your business. It’s all about making smart moves and thinking on your feet.


There’s no denying it – networks are modernizing, and the rate at which they’re evolving has sped up dramatically in recent years. And for good reason. Demand for capacity internationally is more than doubling every two years, according to Telegeography’s 2022 report, The State of the Network. To meet this huge leap in demand, organizations are investing in modernizing their existing networks, as well as upgrading with new infrastructure altogether.

So do you have all the right players on staff and in house – the people, resources, expertise, and tools needed to bring your network operations up-to-speed, become efficient, and more profitable? Or do you sometimes feel like you’re only playing the defensive game, struggling to keep up with managing your customer experience, conflict within the organization, or the headaches of working with multiple vendor software and/or platforms?

We get it. And we say, “put us in coach!”


Technology and network functionality continue to evolve, and the work is never done. So when it comes to strategizing your business – both for your day-to-day operations and for the “everything else to come” – unless you’ve got a large team of specialists on-hand, you may be finding it difficult to put together the right formation when it comes to modernizing your network.

It takes meticulous organization and intricate coordination to tackle everything involved in running a network – exorbitant amounts of time, capital, specialized staff, and advanced tools. If you’re lacking even one of these playbook pieces, we can help take the pressure off while you stay focused on your business’s operational health.

We are ready to supplement your team by stepping in to implement a meticulous running game with any or all the following network operations & managed services:

  • Network Lifecycle Management with Digital Twin Technology
  • Network Monitoring & Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Predictive Network Analytics
  • Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
  • Asset Configuration & Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Full Network Management with NaaS model


The digital transformation has no doubt changed the game for network operators, and customers expect nothing less than the best. The pressure is on. So why should you contract Ceragon for managed services support?
According to a recent study by Asperitas, 86% of surveyed network operators plan to modernize their network, but only 5% had fully done so, likely for a variety of reasons such as lack of funds, specialized staff and resources, or technological know-how. We can help.

Become a Technology Innovator

  • Jump ahead of the pack (and your competition) by being first to market in adding emerging technologies and groundbreaking applications. But don’t get in over your head…utilize a trusted partner like Ceragon to help take the burden off the management of so many new technologies.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with the latest and greatest features available.


Improve Your Financial Management

  • Utilize an OPEX (pay as you grow) model and avoid investing a ton of money up front into hiring your own home-grown teams. There’s no guarantee they will be the right people/teams even 5 years from now.
  • Avoid costly downtime.
  • Be proactive – work with a partner that can help you create and maintain a future proof network that grows with you and emerging technologies.


Bring Peace of Mind

  • Focus on your core strengths and business operations. We will take care of keeping the network in tip top shape.
  • Stay on top of maintenance issues, before they become issues at all.
  • Bring network information together, consolidating existing information silos into one cohesive view of the network across all departments.


Add Expertise

  • Enable quick and efficient scale, drive growth, and improve customer experience.
  • Add expert staff only when and where you need them.
  • Get expert help on your entire network with deep multi-technology, multi-vendor knowledge expertise in IoT and emerging “smart” technologies.


When it comes to winning and losing – in business, football, or even life – unless you’ve got a lot of luck on your side, being proactive and strategic in your game will bring you closer to the trophy. Whether you’re just kicking off your wireless network, or are playing the connectivity long game, we’re here to help you decide where to punt and switch gears, and where to push forward.


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