Maximizing Connectivity with Ceragon's MultiHaul PtMP Solutions

By Michael Schachter 3 min read

In the realm of wireless communication, Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions can play a pivotal role in expanding connectivity options across various industries. One standout option within this domain is the V-band frequency, which is gaining significant popularity for PtMP setups due to its unique characteristics and capabilities.

Unleashing the Power of V-Band Frequency

The utilization of V-band frequency in PtMP solutions offers a wide array of benefits. Its access to unlicensed spectrum provides a gateway to diverse applications, while its high-capacity and short-range attributes make it a preferred choice for organizations looking to quickly establish high-capacity connections in densely populated areas.

Private Networks and Service Providers can leverage V-band PtMP solutions to facilitate seamless installations, achieve scalability, and drive cost-effectiveness in their network infrastructure.

Elevating Performance with Ceragon's MultiHaul TG (MESH)

When it comes to selecting an optimal Point-to-Multipoint solution, the Siklu by Ceragon MultiHaul TG MESH family of solutions emerges as a top-tier choice. With unparalleled performance metrics and cost-efficiency advantages, it outperforms traditional fiber optics and 5G alternatives on multiple fronts. The ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling option for a broad spectrum of users, including multiple private network sectors and communications/internet service providers.

Seamlessly Integrating MultiHaul MESH into Your Network

The MultiHaul MESH system offers a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-install solution for organizations seeking enhanced connectivity. By strategically positioning compact nodes on vertical assets like rooftops or utility poles, MultiHaul MESH can efficiently cover service areas of varying sizes. Leveraging V-Band millimeter wave frequencies, this system surpasses traditional sub-6 frequencies by providing exceptional bandwidth, minimal interference, and negligible latency. Furthermore, its self-healing and self-organizing capabilities ensure uninterrupted access to critical points, even in the event of link failures.

Diverse Applications, Robust Solutions

The Ceragon MultiHaul MESH system caters to a myriad of scenarios where reliability and security are paramount. From safeguarding mission-critical networks with hacker-proof links to ensuring uninterrupted video streams and safe city sensor data transmission, this network excels in delivering maximum immunity to interference. Supported use cases include:

  • Fixed Wireless Access for 5G
  • Security and Smart City Services
  • Gigabit-to-the-Home and MDUs
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Backhaul
  • Small Cell Backhaul


Ceragon's MultiHaul PtMP solutions significantly enhance connectivity options for both private and public networks by offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability across a wide variety of applications. Embrace the future of wireless communication with Ceragon's innovative MultiHaul MESH system for a seamless and robust network infrastructure.

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