Case Study: Reliable, Always-On Connectivity for Entire Municipality

By Dori Erann 4 min read

Since the deployment of the upgraded Ceragon network infrastructure, the police and fire departments have had constant and dependable connectivity with their first responders and personnel throughout the entire town and even beyond the town borders. The high-speed bandwidth supports reliable public safety communication as well as the use of next-generation applications.


Network Reliability | Comprehensive Coverage | Increased Capacity | Lower Network Deployment & Maintenance Costs

The quintessential New England town is found in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. While a relatively small municipality, it has active police and fire rescue departments that protect its residents, businesses, and visitors.

As with all first responders, the police and fire rescue depend on communications to perform their duties. But their communications system was failing them.

The city engaged a network and telecommunications expert in New England to perform a propagation study to determine the level of connectivity provided by the existing system. Their findings proved the inadequacies of the radio system, and they made recommendations to upgrade the obsolete radio infrastructure. 

The township was able to secure funds for the project by combining forces with the state commonwealth. With state and local funds and support by local voter approval, the project was able to move forward.

The Solution

Ceragon Microwave System | Sophisticated Software | Efficient and Reliable Network | Cost-Effective

As the project commenced, Ceragon Networks solutions were recommended and approved for deployment, and the installation of the Ceragon microwave links throughout town began quickly thereafter. The new, enhanced communication system was installed for public safety personnel to use. The town made a strategic decision to invest in wireless technology instead of leasing fiber lines that would demand continuous monthly charges while also being susceptible to multiple points of failure.

This critical infrastructure solution includes extremely high-capacity microwave systems, generators to ensure power backup in case of power outages, and sophisticated software to enable real-time monitoring of the system to analyze the network status, identify any issues, and respond quickly to safeguard the network connectivity and the always-on communications.

The deployment of the Ceragon solution has enabled this municipality to modernize its network with a robust and reliable communications system that keeps them connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while supporting its future evolution and adoption of next-generation applications.

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