Flawless communication and access to real-time critical information influences first responders’ ability to save lives. Law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, and fire departments rely on dependable, resilient, and secure networks. High capacity and low latency are required to properly run demanding digital applications, voice communication, and video surveillance and feeds.

Ceragon offers the highest quality infrastructure that meets network coverage requirements, system accessibility, and end-to-end performance, as well as technology standards and regulatory frameworks. Let Ceragon provide the backbone to your networks, delivering reliable connectivity - when it matters most.

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Municipalities of all sizes worldwide are taking advantage of technology advances and innovation to become more operationally efficient and improve quality of life for their constituents. Being ‘smarter’ has become a common driving force for towns and cities in order to implement a variety of application. Better traffic management, improved internet connectivity for residents or businesses, revamped waste management, greener operations, or enhanced communications within departments, are only a few of the use cases being adopted.

Ceragon multi-gig solutions underpin the wireless connectivity needed to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors, create competition, and bridge the digital divide.


Ceragon provides high-capacity, low-latency networks that support multiple Utility applications allowing for more efficient renewable generation, transmission, and distribution. Utilities can maintain grid reliability by vastly increasing the communications capability of the grid to support real-time, two-way, broadband communications from the Utility Operations Center all the way to the consumer’s meter.

Ceragon helps utilities significantly increase operational efficiency, deploy a superior solution that is reliable and withstands the tests of time, and to meet the growing demands of governing agencies and customers.

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Transportation agencies are taking advantage of digital transformation technologies to help provide a more convenient, comfortable, efficient, and safe experience for all users. The capacity required in this market is growing exponentially - whether for providing passengers with connectivity, ensuring that all personnel are in communication, relaying video feeds back to a NOC, connecting autonomous vehicles, running traffic management systems, or for optimizing and automating systems. Perhaps equally important capabilities are low latency, ability to expand coverage quickly and affordably, and extremely high reliability and resilience. Ceragon goes the distance to provide transportation customers with comprehensive, high-bandwidth solutions.

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