Time to cut back on travel? Remote services to the rescue…

By Moshe Bellaiche 4 min read

These days, during the growing coronavirus pandemic, service providers are facing a variety of challenges. Are you an operator that needs to reduce traveling to a minimum, eliminate or reduce site visits, or minimize a hands-on approach when gathering auditing parameters for analyzing telecom network scenarios?

Various remote services enable you to maintain your services while minimizing going out, traveling, attending in-person meetings and more.

One example is a network operations center (NOC) service featuring remote monitoring. Such a service can provide you with a central location from which your entire network can be proactively monitored, helping to prevent future bottlenecks or malfunctioning in your network.

Leading companies that provide such services use not only highly skilled personnel but also predictive analysis procedures and processes. This enables them to promptly remediate issues and alert relevant technicians and stakeholders, without the need for physically sending technicians to a site for fixes. Giving you complete visibility of your network, such a NOC monitoring service ensures optimal network performance and resiliency, while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Other examples include network topology optimization, capacity planning and traffic rerouting, QoS planning and remote implementation, and preventive maintenance. With traffic ever-increasing, planning and remote implementation services can reduce the need for the physical upgrading of links, and shorten the time needed when physical upgrading is still required.

Network optimization services improve your backhaul network efficiency, increase the success rate of your network service implementations, and ensure service availability and quality of experience (QoE). Preventive maintenance services minimize network downtime, assuring both your service availability and your customers’ QoE.

Such services should be provided by companies that hold extensive experience in network planning and topology optimization. Their experts should provide value by correctly planning network capacity and survivability, forecasting future budgetary needs, and using non-linear network optimization techniques and remote technical support capabilities. These combined “ingredients” will lead to better network service implementations and enhanced peace of mind.

Predictive network analytics enable improved network reliability forecasts, and proactively mitigate bottlenecks, outages and other issues before they impact your network health. By combining network data with advanced predictive analytics, operators and service providers can predict usage, technology requirements and trends with superior accuracy.

Ceragon’s Global Services group has offered and delivered such services for many years. Leveraging our global experience, our resources can help with topology optimization, preventive maintenance, knowledge transfer using virtual training modules, and more. Many of our services are designed to be offered remotely, cutting down on the need for face-to-face meetings or traveling, without compromising network performance or productivity.

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