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  • Ceragon to Demonstrate Advanced Capabilities of the IP-20 HetNet Hauling Platform at Mobile World Congress 2014

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Ceragon to Demonstrate Advanced Capabilities of the IP-20 HetNet Hauling Platform at Mobile World Congress 2014

February 19, 2014

Paramus, New Jersey, February 19, 2014 - Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: CRNT), the #1 wireless hauling specialist, today announced that it will host live demonstrations of its advanced, ultra-high capacity SDN-ready IP-20 platform at Mobile World Congress 2014, in Barcelona, Spain. The demonstrations will take place in Ceragon’s booth in Hall 5, stand #5G61 from February 24-27.

Operators today must meet the increasing demand for network capacity, scalability, availability and coverage in a way that is both cost effective and adaptable to future networks evolution. Through these demonstrations, Ceragon will show how SDN (software-defined networking), NFV (network functions virtualization) and C-RAN fronthaul will push the creation of successful new business models and cloud-based network topologies.

Ceragon will take attendees on a journey of the future of wireless hauling through the following live demonstrations:

  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV): NFV is about virtualizing network functions to create new services. Ceragon’s IP-20’s integrated NFV card enables independent software applications to run on the same general-purpose hardware. In this demonstration, Ceragon will present two software applications, payload-deduplication and open source vSwitch, to demonstrate virtualized network functions over a high-capacity radio link.
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN): As backhaul networks continue to evolve, performance optimization will shift from a link-by-link level, to a complete network level. At MWC 2014 Ceragon will demonstrate the future of hauling with SDN. This will be exhibited by enforcing fairness in a network sharing scenario.
  • Wireless fronthaul with CPRI: Distributed macro cells using remote-radio-heads can be ideal for both densely populated areas as well as for rural applications. Employing CPRI Option 3, this demo features an eNodeB connected to remote radio heads (RRHs) using wireless fronthaul. Featuring its multi-core FibeAir IP-20C, Ceragon will demonstrate a revolutionary approach for meeting fronthaul data-rates in 6-42GHz licensed frequency bands, using a single wireless radio link with high availability and over long distances. In doing so, Ceragon proves an effective business case for wireless fronthaul.

Ceragon’s IP-20 is a service-centric, software-defined wireless platform containing a rich product line for backhaul and fronthaul applications. The IP-20 platform provides ultra-high capacities, supports any radio transmission technology mix, any network topology and any configuration. IP-20 products are already deployed by some of the world’s leading carriers carrying live 3G and 4G/LTE traffic to millions of subscribers. The SDN-ready platform is built around a powerful software-defined engine and provides a common, programmable operating system for all of Ceragon’s next-generation FibeAir® and Evolution products. The operating system (CeraOs) implemented across the entire IP-20 product series, creates a unified, simple-to-operate-and-manage approach for building, expanding and maintaining wireless backhaul and fronthaul networks.

Products on Display:

  • FibeAir IP-20N – A high performance and highly scalable hybrid multi-technology aggregation node
  • FibeAir IP-20G – A high performance hybrid hauling solution for edge nodes
  • FibeAir IP-20C – A compact, all-outdoor multi-core node delivering 1Gbps in a box over licensed frequency bands
  • FibeAir IP-20S – A compact, single-core radio node
  • FibeAir IP-20E – A compact ultra-high capacity, all-outdoor E-band node
  • FibeAir & Evolution IP-20LH – multi-carrier trunk solutions providing revolutionary hybrid, multiple carriers efficiently handling both TDM and Ethernet traffic over common radio carriers, enabling to maximize capacity over available spectrum resources
  • CeraOS - A high-performance operating system that provides seamless integration and common capabilities across the entire IP-20 platform