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Public Safety

Mission critical multimedia – Simple. Secured.

As a Public Safety organization, your mission is to serve and protect. To do this, you need to keep your first responders connected, which is no longer only about basic voice connectivity. We live in an era when multimedia is the key to effective first responder management, and in Command & Control Centers, this also includes the ability to provide them with live video feeds from various sources.

Ceragon’s IP-20 Assured Platform and Multicore technology allow you to evolve your infrastructure to accommodate this multimedia revolution, while ensuring your infrastructure is as secured and reliable as a mission-critical infrastructure should be.  This way, you can better protect and serve.

FIBEAIR IP-20 ASSURED PORTFOLIO - To Achieve the Highest Value For You

At the heart of our solutions is the FibeAir IP-20 Assured Platform. We recognized that the best mission critical wireless backhaul solution had to enable three things:
Increase your operational efficiency
It has to be efficient to run. It needs to maximize capacity and performance, while minimizing running costs such as spectrum fees, tower lease fees, shelter and storage rent, and labor and power-related costs.

Ensure your peace of mind
It needs to be reliable and secure, ensuring mission-critical service availability and it needs to answer your wireless backhaul needs – now and in the future. Whether you are modernizing your LMR network into public-safety LTE, enabling multimedia services or deploying a citywide
surveillance camera network, you need to know that you have technology and people who can move there with you – and who are ready to start now.

Keep your first responders connected
We rise to the challenge of keeping first responders connected, by allowing “always-on” command visibility and situational awareness to support the mission. That means you can respond quickly to on-going situations, mobilize your network to where and when it is needed, and allow you to better protect and serve.

A Single Platform for Mission Critical Wireless Backhaul Needs

Utilities, government entities, public safety agencies and mobile operators
use different networks for various applications, but they share similar
network security and reliability requirements: Whether it’s for video
surveillance, big-data analysis or multimedia, they all demand high capacity, low latency and utter reliability in their mission-critical applications. IP-based technologies such as LTE deliver such benefits, encouraging the move to modernize legacy TDM networks. This upgrade, however, presents a challenge to wireless backhaul, which must create a smooth transition while guaranteeing dependability and security.

Enhancing Your Network Reliability & Security

Keep ahead of threats. Keep your data safe.

  • Validated FIPS 140-2 specs for cryptography module
  • FIPS 140-2 level 2 physical security
  • AES 256 encryption (FIPS 197) over radio links
  • Secured communication and protocols for management interface
  • Centralized user authentication management via RADIUS
  • Advanced identity management and Password policy enforcement
  • Security events log
  • Secure product architecture and development

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