FibeAir® IP-20A - Multi Technology - Modular aggregation node for wide range of radio technologies

FibeAir IP-20A is an ultra-high capacity, modular aggregation node for any radio technology. It is designed around a high-performance, software-defined engine and is powered by Ceragon’s CeraOS, a unified operating system for all IP-20 platform products. Employing Ceragon’s proven radio technology, FibeAir IP-20A provides multi-gigabit capacity across the entire network with high spectral efficiency. Serving a wide range of topologies and network architecture, it is ideal for emerging network concepts such as HetNets, small cells, and Cloud-RAN. It meets demand for high capacity, reliability and quality of experience crucial to the success of LTE/LTE-A rollouts.

FibeAir IP-20A boosts performance in today’s networks while providing a cost-effective path to future requirements such as MPLS-TP and SDN/OpenFlow standards. Supporting multi-service TDM transport and a rich set of Carrier Ethernet advanced switching capabilities, it offers a wide range of new capabilities that address the diverse needs of mobile backhaul, ISPs, utilities, large enterprises and private networks.

  • Any wireless transmission technology mix
    • Aggregation of a wide range of wireless solutions from 4GHz to 86 GHz
    • Hybrid traffic transport: TDM and/or packet
    • DS1/FE/GbE/OC-3 interfaces
  • Multi-gigabits radio capacity and high spectral efficiency
    • QPSK–2048QAM with full range of hitless and errorless Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
    • Additional capacity using innovative Header De-duplication and Payload De-duplication
  • Future-proof, scalable and modular
    • Modular architecture for customized configurations
    • Highest carrier density in the market - up to 10 radio carriers in 2RU
    • Full redundancy - no single point of failure design
  • Facilitates network modernization
    • Multi-service support (hybrid)
    • Interoperable with Ceragon installed-base units
    • Hybrid Multi-carrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control (ABC)
    • Intelligent networking functions - MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0-compliant, MPLS-TP-ready
  • Common OS and software-defined engine
    • Powered by programmable networking processor future-proofing CAPEX investment
    • Unified operating system (CeraOS) across entire IP-20 platform
    • MPLS-TP and SDN-ready
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High performance, small footprint 6-42 GHz RFU

RFU-C is a fully software configurable, state-of-the-art RFU that supports a broad range of capacities from 10 Mbps up to 500 Mbps. This innovative and compact unit uses an “on-the-fly” upgrade method, whereby network operators only buy capacity as needed, savings on initial investments and ongoing OPEX.
With RFU-C traffic capacity throughput and spectral efficiency are optimized with the desired channel bandwidth. For maximum user choice flexibility, channel bandwidths can be selected together with a range of modulations from QPSK to 1024QAM over 7-56 MHz and 2048QAM over 28/30MHz channel bandwidths.