Disrupting The Cell Site Routing Market

By Ulik Broida 5 min read

Ceragon and IP Infusion recently announced a partnership that delivers innovative disaggregated solutions for cell site routing. This value-added synergy created the first radio-aware disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG), freeing mobile operators from single-vendor lock-in and reducing the cost to deploy and operate their 4G and 5G Transport networks.


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Value of partnership

Sanjay Kumar, CMO, IP Infusion

The new IP Infusion-Ceragon partnership delivers a highly innovative cell site routing solution for 5G mobile operators built on open networking. This breaks the stronghold of closed proprietary solutions.

This open solution is realized by integrating IP Infusion’s OcNOS network operating software with Ceragon’s TIP-compliant router hardware and unique Radio-Aware Open Networking software.

Oz Zimerman, EVP Marketing & Corporate Development, Ceragon

Ceragon’s IP-50FX is the industry’s first radio-aware disaggregated cell site gateway.

Until recently, cell site routers have only been offered as closed monolithic products by a few large vendors.

Our new partnership with IP Infusion allows Ceragon to offer a flexible disaggregated cell site gateway or router at a lower cost. This open solution frees operators from single-vendor lock-in and reduces their capital and operational costs.

Why partners selected each other

Sanjay Kumar, CMO, IP Infusion

Ceragon is a recognized leader in wireless transport, while IP Infusion is a leader in open networking.

Our companies both deliver bold, innovative and disruptive solutions built on open networking, and together we create value-added synergies for mobile operators.

Oz Zimerman, EVP Marketing & Corporate Development, Ceragon

As a leader in disaggregated networking, IP Infusion is a natural partner for Ceragon.

By bringing together IP and wireless transport in a single product, we create a very effective solution for cell sites in 4G and 5G deployments.

Key solution differentiators

Abhijeet Prabhune - VP, Global Solutions Engineering, IP Infusion

IP Infusion’s powerful OcNOS operating software is a feature-rich platform with a containerized and virtualized architecture.

We provided Ceragon with a customized open-architecture version that enables easy and rapid development of applications – such as Ceragon’s unique Radio-Aware Open Networking software – on top of our operating software.

Ulik Broida, EVP Portfolio Management

OcNOS helped us build the IP-50FX, and we developed our RAON software to make the IP-50FX a radio-aware device. In fact, it’s the only DCSG that combines a cell site router with a virtual indoor unit.

This means the operators can monitor their outdoor radios more efficiently, simplify network management, and increase overall throughput.

In addition, we implemented OcNOS® on multiple TIP-compliant boxes, including one internally developed by Ceragon. This gives operators flexibility to choose the hardware that meets their capacity and port-density requirements.


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