Street-level Connectivity
  • Street-level Connectivity

Wireless networks enable street-level connectivity, allowing for the deployment of surveillance cameras across city environments without the need for extensive trenching and cabling. This connectivity facilitates real-time monitoring of public spaces, enhancing safety and enabling rapid responses to incidents.

Wireless street lights
  • Luminaires with Integrated Wireless

Ceragon offers a unique solution. By integrating wireless technology directly into streetlights, customers enhance security by transforming traditional streetlights into smart surveillance nodes. These luminaires, equipped with a PoE to support cameras and motion sensors, form an interconnected network that provides comprehensive coverage while minimizing installation complexity and eyesore mounted equipment.

Secure Critical Infrastructure
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure

Wireless video surveillance is pivotal in safeguarding critical infrastructure such as power plants and grids, transportation hubs, bridges, ports, and water treatment facilities. By leveraging wireless networks, operators can monitor remote and sensitive locations in real time, detecting anomalies and potential threats promptly.

Campus wireless network
  • Enterprise & Campus Applications

In enterprise and campus environments, wireless video surveillance ensures comprehensive coverage without the limitations of wired infrastructure. This approach allows for rapid deployment and reconfiguration of security systems, adapting to evolving needs and optimizing resource allocation.

IoT wireless network
  • Smarter Security - IoT & AI

Wireless networks facilitate the integration of IoT devices and artificial intelligence (AI) into video surveillance systems, enabling smarter security functionalities. IoT sensors provide valuable data for predictive analytics, while AI algorithms enhance video analytics, enabling automated threat detection and proactive incident response.

Intelligent Security

By harnessing the capabilities of a mesh wireless network in video surveillance, organizations can achieve a higher level of security and situational awareness. These technologies empower security teams with actionable insights and facilitate a more efficient and effective response to potential threats. As wireless infrastructure continues to evolve, the future of security and surveillance promises to be more intelligent, interconnected, and responsive than ever before.

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