Solution Brief: Wireless Network Solutions & Cybersecurity

By Lisa Sandoval 3 min read

Increasing cybersecurity threats pose significant challenges as critical industries embrace the digital era of connectivity. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) target critical infrastructure, seeking unauthorized access and aiming to disrupt operations. Ransomware attacks on industrial control systems can lead to operational downtime and substantial financial losses. Phishing and social engineering attacks exploit human vulnerabilities to obtain sensitive information or network access credentials.

And lastly, IoT connectivity vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks present formidable risks, with malicious actors targeting third-party vendors to infiltrate systems. Regardless of the type of attack used, a cybersecurity breach on your network today can lead to catastrophic ripple effects on humanity. 

Modernizing and upgrading to a private LTE network infrastructure can provide enhanced solutions to these cybersecurity challenges. Improved security features, such as network segmentation and end-to-end encryption, make private 5G networks more resilient against cyber threats compared to traditional public networks. The high capacity and ultra-low latency of private wireless networks allows for real-time monitoring and response of IoT assets, which is crucial for industries where split-second decisions can prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks. Moreover, these networks support hundreds or even thousands of remote connect IOT devices and ensure reliable, high-availability operations, and ultimately, minimize the risk of downtime due to cyber threats. 

Private networks also provide isolation from public networks by operating on dedicated spectrum, reducing the attack surface area and limiting potential entry points for hackers. This isolation, combined with the future-proofing capabilities of private infrastructure, ensures that critical industries can stay ahead of evolving cyber threats while meeting the demands of future technologies. As digital transformation progresses, securing critical operations with advanced network solutions like private 5G becomes not just beneficial, but essential, to enterprise connectivity. 

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