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FibeAir IP-20V

All-outdoor, compact, all-IP, V-band node for small cell and private network connectivity

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The FibeAir IP-20V is an exceptional solution for small-cell backhaul. This ultra-compact, high-capacity, low-latency all-outdoor wireless backhaul node helps you meet your network densification goals with urban and environmentally blending deployments and by utilizing the license-exempt V-Band.

The FibeAir IP-20V allows you to continuously increase your operational efficiency and deliver a better quality of experience to your customers:

  • Avoid spectrum fees by utilizing license-exempt V-Band
  • Provide a 4.5G and 5G future-proof, ultra-high radio capacity of up to 2.5Gbps
  • Leverage an ultra-low latency FDD solution
  • Minimize your sites’ physical footprint with an integrated flat panel antenna – allowing you to install your equipment on congested poles and street furniture
  • Minimize operational overhead – a single product and a single part number throughout your network eliminates the need for complicated stock management and a lengthy installation process
  • Simplify your link setup in an unlicensed band with an internal scanner that maps and recommends a technician for specific sub-band availabilities – minimizing the time window required from municipal authority for site installation
  • Achieve availability and SLA goals with automatic interference mitigation mechanism