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FibeAir 2500SC JET

A Cutting-Edge, NLOS, Small Cells Backhaul Solution


Addressing challenging street-level backhaul scenarios, Ceragon’s FibeAir 2500SC JET is the most advanced small cell, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless backhaul solution on the market.

The FibeAir 2500SC JET operates in dense urban environments, where there are obstructions to line-of-sight, high radio interference and severe dynamic multipath conditions. Its durable, robust design allows it to operate in harsh outdoor environments, while delivering high capacity and carrier-class performance.

Available in licensed and license-exempt sub-6 GHz bands (3.X GHz, 5.X GHz), Ceragon’s FibeAir 2500SC JET solution is deployed by leading tier-1 mobile carriers around the globe as an essential component of their emerging small cell networks. Ceragon’s FibeAir 2500SC JET small cell backhaul solution includes a complete set of advanced planning tools and engineering best practices to help you expedite and simplify your small cell deployments.