rural broadband speed

Bringing high-speed internet access to rural communities has been a challenge for decades. Your network subscribers deserve high-capacity internet access, and we’re here to help provide a complete network solution to give them just that. Ceragon works with internet service providers, operators, electric coops, native groups, and integrators to offer end-to-end wireless and hybrid network solutions that minimize lagging connectivity and maximize your return on investment.

Ceragon rural broadband solutions offer:

  • Highest multi-gigabit capacity supporting GB to the home or business, demanding applications, and/or hundreds of subscribers
  • More capacity using less spectrum without compromising on performance
  • Wider channels for ultra-high capacity 
  • 2x the bandwidth with 50% of the equipment needed by the competition

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line of sight internet providers

Internet service providers face unique challenges when trying to provide high-speed internet to rural areas. Long distances between subscribers and challenging topographies often make fiber networks impossible and cost prohibitive.

Ceragon rural broadband solutions offer:

  • Advanced spectral efficiency and multi-band technology offer higher capacity, longer distances, and better reliability
  • High-speed links up to 50 miles
  • Fiber-like performance ideal for overcoming challenging environments including long distances, mountains, trees, lakes, railroads, and more
  • Fast deployment and time to market

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As an ISP serving a rural area, you need to keep your subscribers (who may also be your friends and neighbors) happy. Most people today require a quality broadband connection to carry out essential daily tasks like telecommuting, telehealth visits, education, entertainment, and shopping.

The Ceragon team is experienced with taking stock of your existing network and working with you to determine what it will take to get your network where it needs to be. From analysis, network planning and design, site acquisition, and permitting, to multi-gigabit capacity radios, network monitoring and optimization, and more, we’ve got you covered. 

Ceragon rural broadband solutions offer:

  • Network infrastructure analysis and recommendations
  • Carrier-grade equipment – hardened, secure, and reliable
  • Backhaul with 99.999% availability
  • Solutions for avoiding single point of failure
  • Multi-band solution for overcoming microwave spectrum congestion
  • Layer-1 link bonding – can combine with other microwave, fiber, or leased lines with no system gain compromise

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rural broadband funding

As a rural internet service provider, you know how imperative it is that you protect your investments for years to come. When building out a new rural broadband network, or upgrading your existing infrastructure, it’s important to consider your capacity needs of both today, and the future. From transport to access and the core, you must think about designing the optimal network for your community’s needs, but also remember to consider network maintenance cycles, ongoing support, and capacity upgrades.

  • Internally developed chipset with advanced applications no other vendor can offer
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to respond to upticks in bandwidth demands and capacity leaps
  • Spectrum flexibility
  • Disaggregated wireless hauling and SDN
  • Added redundancy
  • Critical, secure connectivity


rural broadband revenues

It’s a common conundrum. Your rural broadband subscribers are simply spread too far and wide to justify the expense and time to trench for fiber. An all-wireless network can offer a low CAPEX, AND you can have the network up and running in as little as a few weeks.

Alternatively, when fiber is available in parts of your coverage area, a hybrid wireless network might make sense to reach additional subscribers in further out locations. Either way, a wireless solution is almost always the way to go when you need to see revenues quickly.

  • Easy to plan, easy to deploy networks
  • Fraction of the time to deploy fiber
  • Quickly added geographical coverage for fast revenue growth
  • Small footprint and simplified architecture
  • Added capacity on existing infrastructure
  • Large inventory ready for immediate delivery

You want to offer the fastest, best connectivity to your rural subscribers, but the costs of modernizing today can feel a bit overwhelming to shoulder on your own. Sound familiar? 

Fortunately, governments around the world are recognizing the need for better broadband solutions for rural areas and are making room in their budgets for rural broadband expansion through various public funding opportunities. Current examples of these programs include the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) or Tribal Connectivity programs in U.S., or the European Regional Development (ERDF) fund in Europe. 

The need is clear. Global citizens, no matter where they reside, need and deserve high-speed rural internet access to participate fully in today’s digital economy. With the help of these rural broadband funding opportunities, operators and service providers can have a huge impact on bridging the digital divide. 

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